January 29, 2011

Picture Winter... cont'd

I just barely got caught up today! I was struggling on a couple of the prompts and with my traveling, surgery, etc.... it's been a little crazy! So here we go...

Center of Attention

Different Kind of Story


Winter's Pull


High Strung


The Magic Machine

A Beautiful Mess

Give Yourself a Hand

Details of Winter

By far, my favorite is the "High Strung" - the color was perfect, and I love the composition. I'm sad that the class with be over soon, since it's really gotten me out and creating some great photographs!!


January 21, 2011

More Picture Winter ...

I am updating mainly to add the latest pictures I have taken for this class... however, my aunt died on 1/15/11. While I would love for this blog to be about my projects, I have come to realize that either way, my life will affect those projects and I better just talk about it rather than ignore the obvious connections. For one, I would not have had this many pictures taken in Oklahoma if it weren't for my aunt's battle with cancer... I would not have been out here or be out here 3 times in 6 weeks which is what it will be come Super Bowl Sunday... onto the pictures!

Beyond the Chill

Cooling It

Wrapped Up

Stark Raving Magnificent

I have truly loved this project, if nothing more than to get my creative juices flowing... the funny thing is that one of the challenges this week was "A Different Kind of Story" and all I can think of is my aunt and her battle with cancer and challenge myself to see if I can convey it somehow... wish me luck!


January 13, 2011

Picture Winter update...

Well, apparently, I didn't realize that my pictures weren't actually uploading to the Picture Winter website until tonight! I guess there is a size limit, but I never got an error ... odd. Anyway, on to the latest pictures from this last week of prompts...

Quiet Beauty

Texture Seekers

Bundle Up

Seeking Balance

Warm Your Heart

Signs of Life

Controlled Chaos

I am really starting to enjoy this class and loving the prompts to get me outside taking pictures! It's also been amazing to see what the other students are doing as well. And now the goal is to keep it updated daily!! Now that I am back from Oklahoma and settled in, I'm hoping that will be a little easier. :)


January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

I've started a new photography class called Picture Winter - the link at the bottom right hand of the blog. I thought I'd start posting some of my shots for the class here:

Looking Out

All the Possibilities

A Little Sunshine

Meant for Every Day Use

Cracked Open