March 18, 2011

SEI March 2011 Challenge

I got my paper packs from SEI that I ordered with the $25 giftcard I won... and I couldn't WAIT to try the next challenge! The sketch for March is on SEI's website ~ for this month, I used both the Jocelyn line and a couple of papers from the Chick-A-Doo line as well.

It's been a long time since I scrapped something *recent*! These are pictures from my 32nd birthday just last month. I also haven't scrapped a page just about *me* in a long time. But I have to admit, I had a blast on my 32nd birthday so this was an easy one to do.

Journaling reads: I wasn't looking forward to this age. It's not like a milestone, just another "30's" birthday. So I made the best of it. We played Bingo and hosted a BBQ where Ryan debuted his gourmet burgers.

Wish me luck! {Of course, I doubt I would even qualify for another win, but it's fun to use the sketches as a starting point to scrap a page.}


March 17, 2011

Modern Bird Studios contest on Facebook...

Here's the picture I've entered into the Modern Bird Studios contest:

Please vote for me by clicking below:

You have to first "like" Modern Bird Studios, then go "like" my picture!! Thanks!


March 14, 2011

Week 1 ~ Additional Photos...

I truly didn't think I'd end up having the time/energy/kids to get another shoot in this weekend, but I got lucky and picked up our oldest and got some shots in Boulder. These are my favorites:


March 10, 2011

Maggie Holmes' Advanced Photography Class Assignment #1

First of all, if you are interested in Maggie's classes, here's the link. I took the Beginner's class last fall, and now I'm taking the Advanced class. I thought I'd post my assignments here as well as on her discussion board.

This week was about choosing a location. The goal was to find a place that could have several different 'feels' within a short distance from one another. I just happened upon some fireworks shops that were painted really brightly and decided we should try there.

Here are my favorites:

I just absolutely loved the last one... I used Maggie's Sun-kissed Action in addition to a texture, in addition to the toy camera frame ~ it just turned out exactly as I pictured it when I took it. :)


March 3, 2011

4x6 Photo Love: February 2011

I missed out on the January assignment... although I may go back and try it here soon anyway. Because this was February's, we are up to *2* photos. :)

This has to be the *brightest* paper I've ever used, but it seemed like it worked. Paper is all from the $1 bin at Target, letters were on clearance at Archiver's, and the buttons came with a package I got for Christmas. So this is probably the 'cheapest' one I've done, too.


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner...

I submitted my page for the SEI contest - and WON! Not because I'm the best, there were some amazing submissions, but I got the lucky pick! :)

I also got lucky in my class, Creative Retreat with May Flaum and won some Lily Bee papers as well!

Woohoo! I love surprises like these!! I better get back to creating more stuffs to post online. :)