June 20, 2011

iheartfaces Photo Challenge ~ Let's Hear It For The Boys!

The title of this week's challenge immediately made me this of this photo:

So I had to enter it in the iheartfaces challenge this week! I took this picture of my son shortly after he had the chance to ride at the National Western Stock Show for Mutton Bustin' - as the announcer said - "If you slap your child in a grocery store, child services is all over you, but if you pad them up and stick them on the back of a sheep to hold on for dear life, it's call entertainment!" He had a blast doing it, and all of the participants got trophies:


June 18, 2011

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

This one was a little tough... mainly because the majority of my pictures at the moment are 4x6!! I had to dig through and find a larger one - so I settled on an 8x10 of me with my sister. We took these at a grocery store before Mother's day in 2007 - totally random. :)

Here's Shimelle's sketch ~ and mine:

I loved adding the 3D butterflies and lots and lots of jewels. I also followed Shimelle's tip and used brown distress ink on the borders of all the squares and the title block. :)


June 17, 2011


Nancy @ Paper View posted this and I decided to respond with my list:

Today I went to take my son to his dad's.

Today I hoped that I would have enough time to finish my layouts.

Today I dreamed of moving away.

Today I forgot a few items on my shopping list.

Today I heard the poor dog behind us whining at midnight from his outdoor kennel.

Today I said "Not again!!"

Today I read all of my favorite crafty blogs.

Today I watched my first TV show since we got back from the hospital last week.

Today I believed that we can get my sister's fundraising done for the Avon Walk next weekend.

Today I felt exhausted, but still stayed up too late.

Today I wondered how long it will take me to finish my Document 2010 book!!

Today I bought 2 "camelback" backpacks for our Avon Walk.

Today I cleaned dog pee on the carpet, again.

Today I was me.

June 15, 2011

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

I really wish I hadn't run out of time before we left on vacation and gotten these posted *before* it was mid-month... but oh well!! This one seemed perfect to help me finish up the other side of THIS soccer page... again, we are back in August 2010!!

The only thing I really changed was instead of using landscape - oriented photos, I used portraits... :) One thing I am learning about my documenting / scraplifting / sketch-using scrapbook pages - I need to take more pictures oriented the same way of similar details and such for pages like this!! Ah well, there goes my perfectionistism again :)

Also, again, sorry for the yucky picture... iPhone @ night isn't the best result.


Shimelle *Bonus* Sketch!

I really wanted to try this one out because of all of the little circles on the sketch... it just seemed so fun and whimsical to me!! So, I found a picture of my best friend and I, taken during my wedding planning at Lionscrest Manor during their vendor day in 2006. Since one of my other goals has been to finish a 'wedding' scrapbook... I figured I was still within my goals on this one, too. :)

Here's what I came up with:

Don't forget to check out the original sketch over HERE.


4x6 Photo Love: May 2011

I am LOVIN' this class ~ and this month is no exception! Shimelle set up May's 5 4x6 layout on 2 pages this time, HERE.

As I am *still* working on my Document 2010 (I swear... I *will* get this project completed if it kills me) ~ I decided to scrap Ryan's July 4th bday that we spent at Colt & Cherry's house.

Sorry for the terrible picture... things have been crazy around here (a story for another post) so I just snapped these from the iPhone this go 'round.