June 17, 2011


Nancy @ Paper View posted this and I decided to respond with my list:

Today I went to take my son to his dad's.

Today I hoped that I would have enough time to finish my layouts.

Today I dreamed of moving away.

Today I forgot a few items on my shopping list.

Today I heard the poor dog behind us whining at midnight from his outdoor kennel.

Today I said "Not again!!"

Today I read all of my favorite crafty blogs.

Today I watched my first TV show since we got back from the hospital last week.

Today I believed that we can get my sister's fundraising done for the Avon Walk next weekend.

Today I felt exhausted, but still stayed up too late.

Today I wondered how long it will take me to finish my Document 2010 book!!

Today I bought 2 "camelback" backpacks for our Avon Walk.

Today I cleaned dog pee on the carpet, again.

Today I was me.

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