September 8, 2011


Today I went to the gym and had a personal trainer session (got measured and lost inches!).

Today I hoped that the pager would stay quiet.

Today I dreamed of doing photography full time and making money at it.

Today I forgot to return some phone calls.

Today I heard less noise in my office because I finally the window replaced.

Today I read my usual bloggy hang outs and Facebook updates.

Today I watched my kiddos rush around before school in order to watch TV.

Today I broke into my savings in order to pay off some debt.

Today I said "Ohhhhhh awesome sauce!"

Today I believed that I could get totally caught up (some day!).

Today I felt stressed about stuffs (what else is new?).

Today I wondered if I can really wear two business hats.

Today I bought my sister's Save the Date cards!

Today I cleaned all my dishes from baking lots of zucchini bread.

Today I was me.

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