January 4, 2012

Project 365

I've decided to participate this year... if it kills me! Which, it might. Especially after I ran out the door today with my camera and my 28mm lens... but no battery!!! Whoops!

You'll notice that while Day 1 & Day 2 are photos taken with my beautiful Canon 60D... Day 3 & 4 are already iPhone photos :) Such is life, though! I've started to work on letting little things go... it's not the end of the world that I had to use the iPhone for my pictures the last 2 days - I will just try to be better the rest of the week/month/year!

I've found over time that I'll shoot and shoot and shoot tons of pictures for a couple of days and then I won't for a while... a habit I need to quit!

Well, here goes nothing!! My first favorite shot of the year comes from the Space Needle in Seattle! I spent my New Year's weekend in Seattle with some good friends and had a blast exploring in the little bit of time I had on my short trip:

Day 2 ~ Taken from the window driving back from Roslyn, WA:

Day 3 ~ The only shot I took on Jan. 3rd was my son in his new PJ's from Christmas:

Day 4 ~ Another iPhone photo of the beautiful Colorado sunset:

I really hope to stay on track with this project and also remember to blog about it!!!!

Happy New Year!


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  1. lol! I love the iphone pics! More power to ya for the 365--I couldn't commit to that so I'm doing a "40 week" challenge instead!