August 2, 2011

Tuesday {10}

I'm going to combine 2 posts into one - the Tuesday {10} & "For Today":

{1} Outside my window... It's a beautiful sunny but cooler summer day in Colorado.

{2} I am thinking... about how to get my work finished so I can head home from the office!

{3} I am thankful... for my job, my hubby, my hobbies, my kiddos, and an overall fabulous life.

{4} I am wearing... dark jeans and my St. Patty's Day shirt.

{5} I'm creating... more hot air balloon photos and this blog post!

{6} I am going... to South Park in a few weeks with the family!!

{7} I am wondering... how long it is going to take me to finish editing the tons of pictures I need to work on right now.

{8} I am reading... Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz

{9} I am hoping... that my son will call me since it's been 3 days and he'll be gone 2 weeks!!

{10} I am looking forward to... kiddos starting school again!!


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